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Poll for call [May. 15th, 2010|12:56 pm]


My question is, how much call did you take as a medical student rotating in psychiatry and/or what do you think is a reasonable amount (please don't say no call... that's what I would have said as an MSIII) and what the learning objectives should be.

Also, any feedback on what was done while on call would be appreciated and what you learned from this experience (if anything).  Feel free to leave the name of your institution if you want or to remain anon that is fine too.

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I am a resident in psychiatry and have Med Students complaining that the call is too much for them when they rotate at our facility, as other sites have less call.  Our facility is not attached to the medical school except to support rotating students.  I had much more call as a med students in psych and at my current institution its not really a lot of scut, but instead seeing patients in the ER and on the Wards with resident supervision and then participating in discussion.  We do not even have the students write a note and of course I am biased since this is my specialty, but I think that seeing a psych patient in an emergency setting and having to evaluate suicidal and homicidal ideation is valuable to a lot of other specialties (even though most other specialties seem to get frustrated with psych).

I am all about reform, but before I go to someone higher up in my chain of command I wanted more input.  I think part of the problem is that my program is a lot more intense and has a lot higher patient volume than some of the other places the students rotate in psychiatry.  Its definitely less than an IM or surgical work schedule and part of the problem is that the expection is that psychiatry should be an easy rotation.  If you can help me out by giving me feedback perhaps I could suggest some changes to my department if it is needed...or at least justify the expectations that we have now.


[User Picture]From: ornotmajestic
2010-05-15 07:15 pm (UTC)
When I was a med student, our 8 week rotation was split 3-weeks inpatient VA/3-weeks inpatient psych hospital/2-weeks outpatient. We only took call during the 3-weeks inpatient VA, and we didn't do anything. We were to be "on call" from about 5-9pm, and most of the time we just went home early, paged the resident who told us to just "read something" and not to come in. So I actually never TOOK call. The main hospital didn't have a psych unit, so no ER call was done as they just got turfed to the psych hospital.

Still, I can't imagine that psych call is all that bad, compared to trauma call on the surgery rotation. I think I would have benefited from ER consults for acute psych issues, seeing as half of my patients are lovingly referred to as being part of our "gynechiatry" patient population.
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